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Are you considering Cyber Insurance ?

A cyber attack can lead to staff being unable to work. Lost sales. Risk of data breaches and fines. Insurance often includes access to forensics investigators, lawyers and other professionals whom can assist you in more ways than just financial. If you are offered Cyber Insurance with your next general insurance renewal, please investigate it.

Server and equipment overheating?

Recently we have had a lot of heat. Too much heat. South Australia got hot, then hotter, then … hotter. Our BTP server room started to get warm and the Air Conditioner coped well with a few days but, once the building got warm, it was more difficult to keep the area cool. We monitored
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Think before you click

We all need to follow that “6th” sense. The “gut” feeling. If something feels wrong, don’t click. In some cases (like in emails) even if nothing feels wrong, still be cautious. Manually typing and going to websites when you receive a link and making sure that this password reset, failed account, Paypal invoice, Amazon purchase
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