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Congratulations to Brock

Well done to Brock. Brock is a member of our Helpdesk and has started his 3CX journey. He is now Basic Certified and moving onto Intermediate. He will be able to assist with 3CX from the helpdesk as well as the normal IT problems he solves.

Congratulations to Luke

Luke has upgraded his 3CX skills to version 18. He now holds the Advanced certificate for 3CX in v18. We have a number of others here also upgrading their 3CX certificates. Michael Jenkin holds the Advanced in v16 however all helpdesk staff will be soon moving to the Basic Certification in v18 and Michael will […]

Have you updated 3CX to Version 18 ?

Users of 3CX mobile apps to connect to a v16 3CX phone system need to upgrade to v18 by April 30th 2022. After this date, your 3CX apps will no longer connect to the PBX nor be supported. Upgrade to version 18; your 3CX apps will continue to function even better than before! Improvements to […]

Australian Cyber Security Centre Alert

The agency warned that following the launch of the .au domains on March 24, 2022, cybercriminals may attempt to register domain names using the names of existing domain name holders. For example, if your domain name is, cybercriminals may attempt to register The agency reminded business that until September 20, 2022, matching domain […]

Cloud hosting your phone solution

Hosting your PBXs is no longer innovative – it’s a necessity. This unstoppable trend has huge benefits: • Increased skill and agility• Easy cost management• More resilience• It’s the future! Talk to us if you want to investigate your options

Other products

BTP are constantly adding to their stable of products.Whilst we can’t list every product here, there are a few companies offering unique products that are worth a mention. Email signature management BTP are an Australian Reseller for Exclaimer. Their products are simple to use and very effective. Exclaimer offer email signature management solutions and also […]