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Here at BTP we have staff from all walks of life who have found themselves within the IT realm bringing years of not only IT, Phone & Security experience but also real-world experience out of IT. From an ex-film Executive Producer to an ex-baker and from a print specialist to a large campus IT Manager. Here at BTP we like to think of ourselves as a well-rounded & approachable team ready to tackle your IT & Telephone requirements.

Michael Jenkin – Technical & Managing Director

Michael Jenkin, BTP’s Technical Manager and co-founder alongside Sam Webster in 2008, boasts an impressive career in IT since 1991. His diverse experience spans retail, wholesale, software development, security testing, project planning, and various technology roles. Michael’s expertise extends to his contributions in technology books and notable magazines, including MacWorld.

Internationally, he presented solutions for Microsoft, played pivotal roles in large projects, and influenced Microsoft Small Business Server during his time at the company’s headquarters in Redmond, WA. Remarkably, Michael received the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award five consecutive times.

In the SMB sector, Michael earned consecutive SMB150 awards, ranking among the top 150 IT professionals worldwide. As the APAC chairman for GITCA, he collaborated with millions of IT professionals across the Asia Pacific region, fostering relationships with industry giants like Microsoft.

Notably, Michael served as the 2017 APAC Regional Representative for MVP Reconnect (rMVP), promoting connections among Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals in the region.

One of his significant projects involved providing IT services for the Australian Scout Jamboree (AJ2004), supporting 11,000 scouts and 3,000 leaders over 65 hectares of land in the Adelaide hills for 11 days.

Outside of IT, Michael finds solace in photography and has achieved publication success. His commitment to community involvement underscores his dedication to excellence in all endeavors.

Johnny Landherr – Operations Manager & Purchasing

Johnny, who has been a dedicated member of the BTP team since 2011, holds the crucial role of Operations and Purchasing Manager at BTP.

With an extensive background in customer service management gained from years of experience within various South Australian Phone & Print businesses, Johnny is well-equipped to handle our customers’ needs efficiently. In addition to his customer-focused responsibilities, Johnny also handles the quoting and procurement of a wide array of IT and phone-related products. This includes but is not limited to backup software, anti-virus software, and subscription licensing for products such as Microsoft and other cloud-based solutions.

Johnny is your go-to person for obtaining quotes on a diverse range of items, including:

  1. Servers and Backup Hard Drives
  2. Tablets, Laptops, and Desktop Computers
  3. 3cx Phone Systems
  4. Monitors, Printers, Cables, and more
  5. Microsoft Licensing
  6. Anti-Virus Licensing
  7. Backup Software
  8. Firewalls
  9. Microsoft 365 plans
  10. Domain names, Certificates

Feel free to reach out to Johnny for quotes on any of these items, or anything else you might need assistance with – he’s here to help!

Gary Brown – Accounts Manager

Gary is an experienced account manager with over 30 years’ experience. Gary specializes in building and nurturing strong relationships with our clients. With a keen understanding of client needs and ensuring their satisfaction plus seeking new opportunities for growth. Gary excels in fostering long-term partnerships while addressing any concerns that may arise. Gary is dedicated to delivering exceptional service and results.

Raymond Jiun Yee Chin – Senior IT Specialist

Raymond has been a vital member of the BTP team since January 2013, contributing significantly to our success in servicing clients quickly & effectively.

With extensive experience in overseeing IT facilities, Raymond has excelled in managing complex scenarios, with a notable focus on the medical sector. He thrives on challenges, finding his greatest fulfillment in conquering technically intricate issues. His expertise extends to virtual systems and alternative operating systems, making him a valuable resource for innovative solutions.

Raymond’s ability to tackle and successfully navigate challenges is a testament to his unwavering dedication and problem-solving skills. He relishes the opportunity to resolve complex technical problems, ensuring smooth operations for our clients.

In our pursuit of providing top-notch solutions, Raymond stands as a key contributor, consistently delivering his impressive knowledge and expertise to address the unique needs of our clients.

Don Collins – Senior IT & Telecommunications Specialist

Don is a seasoned professional with a diverse background, catering to networks of all sizes, from small business setups to expansive educational institutions there is not much Don has not seen first-hand in the digital world. Don’s expertise extends to being a advanced certified 3CX telephone technician, showcasing his proficiency in telecommunications solutions. What truly sets Don apart is his remarkable knack for problem-solving; he thrives in challenging situations, consistently delivering effective resolutions when others cannot.

Beyond his technical prowess, Don’s heart lies in community engagement. He finds immense fulfillment in addressing issues and going the extra mile to ensure his clients’ happiness. Don’s commitment to putting clients first is evident in his unwavering dedication to their needs. With a genuine passion for making a positive impact, he is a valuable asset to any team or project, combining technical excellence with a strong sense of community and client satisfaction.

Kushal Kulasuriya – IT & Cybersecurity Specialist

Kushal is one of our IT Specialist, spearheading the Cybersecurity department at BTP. Armed with a solid foundation in Cybersecurity and a degree that underpins his expertise, Kushal has spent over three years in the field, refining his skills in protecting digital assets and upholding the integrity of our IT systems. His passion for the cybersecurity domain, coupled with his unwavering technical acumen, positions Kushal as a stalwart guardian against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats.

Within the organization, Kushal’s proactive stance ensures the seamless operation of our IT infrastructure, providing innovative solutions and strategies that outpace emerging threats. Beyond the confines of our digital realm, Kushal’s dedication extends to scanning the dark web for potential threats, serving as a vigilant protector of our digital fortresses.

In this dynamic era of cybersecurity, Kushal’s role is not just about safeguarding data; it’s about safeguarding trust and continuity for our clients. With his commitment to staying at the forefront of cybersecurity trends, we can confidently navigate the digital age’s challenges, knowing that Kushal is at the helm.

Brock Pearson – IT Specialist & Telecommunications Trainee

Brock is a dynamic IT professional who embarked on his journey attending a technical college gaining Cert 4 in Networking and has since accumulated four years of valuable experience in the field. Beginning as a Level 1 technician, Brock has rapidly evolved into a pivotal member of the BTP team.

Brock’s deep understanding of our clients’ systems is a testament to his dedication and expertise. His knowledge goes beyond the surface, delving into the intricate details of their setups. This profound familiarity has positioned him as a trusted go-to resource for our clients.

Furthermore, Brock has enthusiastically taken on substantial responsibilities, spearheading large-scale projects for some of our most prominent clients. His ability to effectively manage and execute these projects underscores his commitment to delivering excellence.

Brock is also training under Don’s watchful eye of our 3CX Telecommunications Technologies.

With a strong foundation in IT, a track record of growth within our organization, and a passion for exceeding client expectations, Brock continues to be an indispensable asset to our team and the clients we serve.

Samir Thapa – IT Specialist

Samir is a tech-savvy IT support specialist with a rich history of over seven years in educational and IT managed services sectors. He excels in ensuring the seamless operation of hardware and software, boasting extensive expertise in information technology, communication, network and system maintenance, installation, diagnosing, troubleshooting, administrative support, and cloud services.

Samir’s journey into the IT world began at a young age when his fascination with computers and the internet sparked a lifelong passion. He started as a computer repair technician and later pursued a Bachelor of Information Technology from the Australian Catholic University. Alongside his education, Samir actively engaged in IT support roles, helping clients resolve technical issues and fueling his zeal for technology and innovation.

Known for his friendly demeanor and unwavering dedication, Samir constantly seeks to expand his technological knowledge and stay abreast of the latest industry trends. His enthusiasm and problem-solving prowess make him a valuable asset, always ready to tackle challenges head-on.

In his most recent role at Emerge IT Solutions in Katherine, NT, Samir served as an IT support technician, providing invaluable technical assistance to local businesses and further solidifying his reputation as a dependable IT professional. Samir decided to move to Adelaide and take up a position with us, we are lucky to have Samir as part of the BTP team.

Kate – Book Keeper

Kate is our dedicated bookkeeper at BTP, ensuring our financial operations run smoothly and efficiently. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for numbers, she keeps BTP running smoothly day after day, providing valuable insights for daily decision-making.

Beyond her financial expertise, Kate harbors a deep passion for sailing, where she finds solace and adventure on the open water. Her love for the sea reflects her adventurous spirit and her ability to navigate both the complexities of financial management and the challenges of the high seas. Kate’s multifaceted talents make her an invaluable asset to our team, bringing precision and a sense of adventure to all she does.

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