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Server and equipment overheating?

Server and equipment overheating?

Recently we have had a lot of heat. Too much heat. South Australia got hot, then hotter, then … hotter. Our BTP server room started to get warm and the Air Conditioner coped well with a few days but, once the building got warm, it was more difficult to keep the area cool. We monitored this carefully and reacted when needed. How ?

We use a Shelly Wireless sensor. This device gave us accurate measurements of the heat and we were able to respond. We have it alerting an App on our Smart Devices and sending emails to us. No matter the day or time of day, we knew the current temperature and could put plans in place.

BTP are able to provide such a device for you as well. BTP supply a whole range of Shelly products. They can operate straight to an App on your Smart device (Phone) or you can additionally add to Amazon Alexa and more.

If you want to be able to monitor these things yourself, give us a call.