Security, Auditing and Forensics

BTP can offer advanced services, over and above those peovided by many IT professionals. These services cover security penetration testing, network auditing and forensics.

Security Penetration Testing

We can audit the security of your network and discuss your attack surface in terms you will understand. This means we can tell you how you are likely vulnerable. We can audit your users passwords, network design weak points and flaws.

We look at Microsoft products, many other well-known third party products and review servers and workstations.

Hardware items on your network including many firewalls, routers and other devices all get inspected. In addition, basic items we all overlook like cabling, also get inspected.

If you need basic knowledge about your security and a plan for the future, please discuss your needs with us.

Network Auditing

Are you looking to upgrade your network? Do you have the right systems in place for printing? Are you using your resources correctly or do you simply lack an asset list?

We can come to your site and inspect all your hardware. We can supply you with a replacement schedule and discuss the health of the systems in use. We can also review the software and check all your licensing. We can perform maintenance on the workstations to increase performance or simply report back to you what is needed.


Have you been hacked? Is it internal? External? Do you know how to contact eCrimes (SaPol)? Do you know what the laws are around computer crime?

BTP have a firm relationship with the CIB and SaPol. We can help you with a basic understanding of the law so that you make quick decisions regarding putting forward a report, or to simply patch the holes that let the attack happen in the first place.


Our forensics skills lay with Microsoft systems and we have our own system for maintaining the chain of evidence.

We can undelete, deleted items, we can recover various activities on workstations and trace many attacks. We have had a lot of experience. We know when an attack has happened, if it is likely to be followed up by the police (or outside of their jurisdiction). We are here to help guide you through the process. Ultimately we leave the decisions with you but you are fully informed so that you have the knowledge to proceed.