Remote Support and Helpdesk

We encourage our staff to come out to your site and experience any issues you might have, first hand. We provide them with well stocked vans so that they come fully prepared and can assist on the spot. We prefer to work this way but we know timing or distance might affect the outcome.

We realise in today’s world, you may have remote offices or offices nationally. This is where we have developed partnerships nationally or provide remote support.

We also realise you may need immediate attention, and driving time just takes too long.

BTP Remote Support

Our staff are able to assist you remotely, if required.  We have provided key services to locations around the globe. This includes server, device and workstation support. If you need us, you only have to ask.

If you are interstate, please consider us. Being in Adelaide our rates are reasonably priced and yet we can provide the full suite of services.


BTP have invested in management software to look after tracking your tasks. You can email our helpdesk, call through a fault or logon via an Internet Portal. You can lodge new requests, look up an old request, add information or just catch up with what we have found.

If you prefer to call us, we can relay the information to you over the phone and all our work will be presented on statements so you can follow us through the process of solving any problems.