Remote Support and Helpdesk

We encourage our staff to come out to your site and experience any issues you might have, first hand. We provide them with well stocked vans so that they come fully prepared and can assist on the spot. We prefer to work this way but we know timing or distance might affect the outcome.

We realise in today’s world, you may have remote offices or offices nationally. This is where we have developed partnerships nationally or provide remote support.

We also realise you may need immediate attention, and driving time just takes too long.

BTP Remote Support

Our staff are able to assist you remotely, if required.  We have provided key services to locations around the globe. This includes server, device and workstation support. If you need us, you only have to ask.

If you are interstate, please consider us. Being in Adelaide our rates are reasonably priced and yet we can provide the full suite of services.


BTP have invested in management software to look after tracking your tasks. You can email our helpdesk, call through a fault or logon via an Internet Portal. You can lodge new requests, look up an old request, add information or just catch up with what we have found.

If you prefer to call us, we can relay the information to you over the phone and all our work will be presented on statements so you can follow us through the process of solving any problems.

Security, Auditing and Forensics

BTP can offer advanced services, over and above those peovided by many IT professionals. These services cover security penetration testing, network auditing and forensics.

Security Penetration Testing

We can audit the security of your network and discuss your attack surface in terms you will understand. This means we can tell you how you are likely vulnerable. We can audit your users passwords, network design weak points and flaws.

We look at Microsoft products, many other well-known third party products and review servers and workstations.

Hardware items on your network including many firewalls, routers and other devices all get inspected. In addition, basic items we all overlook like cabling, also get inspected.

If you need basic knowledge about your security and a plan for the future, please discuss your needs with us.

Network Auditing

Are you looking to upgrade your network? Do you have the right systems in place for printing? Are you using your resources correctly or do you simply lack an asset list?

We can come to your site and inspect all your hardware. We can supply you with a replacement schedule and discuss the health of the systems in use. We can also review the software and check all your licensing. We can perform maintenance on the workstations to increase performance or simply report back to you what is needed.


Have you been hacked? Is it internal? External? Do you know how to contact eCrimes (SaPol)? Do you know what the laws are around computer crime?

BTP have a firm relationship with the CIB and SaPol. We can help you with a basic understanding of the law so that you make quick decisions regarding putting forward a report, or to simply patch the holes that let the attack happen in the first place.


Our forensics skills lay with Microsoft systems and we have our own system for maintaining the chain of evidence.

We can undelete, deleted items, we can recover various activities on workstations and trace many attacks. We have had a lot of experience. We know when an attack has happened, if it is likely to be followed up by the police (or outside of their jurisdiction). We are here to help guide you through the process. Ultimately we leave the decisions with you but you are fully informed so that you have the knowledge to proceed.

Business Telecommunications

Business Technology Partners is a 3CX Certified partner and a Samsung Communications Authorised Partner (this is now Legacy).

Samsung Business Telephone experts Brian Upitis and Johnny Landherr brought Telco experience to Business Technology Partners. Brian and Johnny provide over 50 years of combined telephony experience and our fully accredited Telecommunications team has over 25 years of experience with Samsung Business telephone systems.

We have extended this with Dylan Carpinelli and his 3CX experience.

We are able to look after your Samsung as you plan a transition to newer technologies.

If you are looking for an IP solution for any size business please call us for a free site visit.  We can even help you with your phone phone bill by providing professional advice that can save you money.

 We also provide business telephone accessories, including;
– Headsets – Wireless and Wired
– Cordless Phones
– Conference Phones
– Answering Machines
– “On Hold” Units
– Out of production handsets
– Power over Ethernet Switches

– Cloud phone solutions

IT Services

Our highly trained and experienced technicians are small business IT specialists.  We can provide your business with all the service, support, and equipment needed in a modern small business.

For example;

 Hardware Procurement

 Software Implementation and Supply

 Server and Network Systems

 Wireless Business Class Networking

 Printing Systems

 Cloud Solutions

 Video Conferencing

 System Monitoring and Maintenance

 Virus Protection

 Backup Systems

 Power Protection

 Unified Communications and Messaging

 Business Technology Cost Analysis

 Strategic Planning

Did you know Michael J was a Microsoft MVP?

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional

For 5 years in a row, Michael won a coveted Microsoft MVP award. This allowed him input on Microsoft products and direct connection with the teams in Microsoft. Michael is very proud of this award and it has enabled him to do many things and gave him many opportunities that other IT people can only dream about.

Questions about the Cloud?

BTP can help you with your journey into the cloud. We can help with cloud servers, emails, backups and all the well known tools including Office 365 and Microsoft 365.

More detail on Cloud Services

BTP can provide comprehensive cloud services at very reasonable prices. From Domain Purchase to Web Hosting, Email provisioning, and Cloud Storage. We can integrate your on premise equipment with your cloud services.  Call us to help you with your cloud solutions.

Cloud Storage

Syncplicity is a leading provider of file management solutions in the cloud, offering instant synchronization, backup, file sharing and collaboration in one integrated solution. Based in San Francisco, California, Syncplicity offers solutions for both business and individual users.

Web Hosting

Various products

Hosted Exchange Email / Office 365

Secure business-class email messaging and collaboration service designed to make it possible for you and your employees to work anywhere.

Domain Registration and Management

Purchase your new Domain Name and have it managed by experts. Check availability and secure your Domain Names today!

Virtual Dedicated Servers (VPS)

High Availability Virtual Dedicated Servers.

SSL Certificates

Secure your website today with a Trusted SSL certificate. SSL Certificates allow you to encrypt information transmitted by your customers to and from your website.