Congratulations to Luke

Luke has upgraded his 3CX skills to version 18. He now holds the Advanced certificate for 3CX in v18. We have a number of others here also upgrading their 3CX certificates. Michael Jenkin holds the Advanced in v16 however all helpdesk staff will be soon moving to the Basic Certification in v18 and Michael will have to update his knowledge 🙂

Have you updated 3CX to Version 18 ?

Users of 3CX mobile apps to connect to a v16 3CX phone system need to upgrade to v18 by April 30th 2022. After this date, your 3CX apps will no longer connect to the PBX nor be supported.

Upgrade to version 18; your 3CX apps will continue to function even better than before! Improvements to the apps on v18 include:

  • Support for iOS 15 and Android 12.
  • Audio reconnection improvements when moving between Wi-Fi and mobile networks.
  • PUSH notifications refined, to ensure calls and chat messages are always delivered.
  • Siri and bluetooth integration.
  • iOS and Android quick actions to make navigation simple.

What should I do?
If you think you have an older system, contact us

Australian Cyber Security Centre Alert

The agency warned that following the launch of the .au domains on March 24, 2022, cybercriminals may attempt to register domain names using the names of existing domain name holders. For example, if your domain name is, cybercriminals may attempt to register

The agency reminded business that until September 20, 2022, matching domain names would be available to existing matching domain holders only. After this date, any person, including cybercriminals, may register a .au domain name.

It is recommended that every existing domain name holder secure their .au domain before this date to protect their business name and brand.

Get your new short, sharp .au domain name and protect your brand online

With the release of .au domain names, there’s a shorter web address for Australian Business to use to get their business or idea online.

If you already own a, or other second-level .au domain, you’ll definitely want to get the matching .au domain to keep someone else from taking it and taking a chunk of your traffic with it. That, and it gives your visitors an address that’s easier to type and remember.

Contact us today to get your shorter address or discuss alternatives.

Other products

BTP are constantly adding to their stable of products.
Whilst we can’t list every product here, there are a few companies offering unique products that are worth a mention.

Email signature management

BTP are an Australian Reseller for Exclaimer. Their products are simple to use and very effective. Exclaimer offer email signature management solutions and also email archiving solutions.

Business Internet solutions

BTP are an NBN Partner

BTP can also assist with routers and wireless systems.

Best of breed antivirus

We have centered our solutions around a core level of security using Trend Micro Antivirus solutions. This includes server and cloud based technology. Using Trend Micro we can protect your network and home machines.

Onsite backup solutions

Using Veritas, ShadowProtect and other tape and disk technologies we can give you the best protection possible. If you have a need for online cloud backups, just ask.

Veritas, ShadowProtect and Datto have provided all the tools.

Server and workstation platforms

Microsoft have proven time and time again that they deliver productive products for managing your network and business needs. BTP have access to the full range of products and are constantly retraining as new products emerge. This includes Virtual severs.


BTP solutions are based on a solid Hewlett Packard and HPe base. The servers and workstations have excellent build quality, features and support.

Hp and HPe provide a wide range of equipment including printers, laptops, workstations, servers, network switches and much more.

Firewall solutions

Firewalls and routers have needed to get more and more intelligent over the past few years. Attacks form the internet have become more sophisticated and more frequent. Using SonicWALL hardware we are able to protect you now and into the future.

Remote Support and Helpdesk

We encourage our staff to come out to your site and experience any issues you might have, first hand. We provide them with well stocked vans so that they come fully prepared and can assist on the spot. We prefer to work this way but we know timing or distance might affect the outcome.

We realise in today’s world, you may have remote offices or offices nationally. This is where we have developed partnerships nationally or provide remote support.

We also realise you may need immediate attention, and driving time just takes too long.

BTP Remote Support

Our staff are able to assist you remotely, if required.  We have provided key services to locations around the globe. This includes server, device and workstation support. If you need us, you only have to ask.

If you are interstate, please consider us. Being in Adelaide our rates are reasonably priced and yet we can provide the full suite of services.


BTP have invested in management software to look after tracking your tasks. You can email our helpdesk, call through a fault or logon via an Internet Portal. You can lodge new requests, look up an old request, add information or just catch up with what we have found.

If you prefer to call us, we can relay the information to you over the phone and all our work will be presented on statements so you can follow us through the process of solving any problems.